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Bushcraft…we love being outdoors!

Here at Xplore, we are even more eager to get out into the woods now that we have our new technical advisor for Bushcraft!

John Ryder is from the Woodcraft School, which runs the only externally accredited bushcraft courses in the UK. He has worked with some exciting individuals across Europe and has now been training our specialist outdoor activity staff, which we are very excited about.

He will be our technical advisor on industry best practice and help to up-skill our activity staff with in-house training. Following training, we will be able to introduce new elements to our bushcraft sessions, something our passionate activity staff are very excited about and looking forward to sharing this increased knowledge and skill base with our school groups, uniform groups and other activity programme bookings.

Xplore bushcraft sessions are aimed at introducing participants to different sections of Bushcraft (fire, camp craft, shelter building and tracking) in a safe environment. It may involve an overnight wild camping experience or a single session. The sessions look at the technical skills, planning and knowledge to make spending time in wilderness environments more comfortable!

The sessions can be adapted from younger age groups such as Key Stage 2 Residential school trips right through to Expedition programmes perfect for older Secondary school or college students.

We will update the blog in a few months time with photos and stories of what we do out in the wild!

Through our LOtC accreditation, we also are awarded the Adventuremark Quality badge for demonstrating continued high levels of risk management.

Accredited the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge for UK activity provision through the AAIAC.

We are partnered with Endsleigh Insurance to provide our customers with invaluable cover whilst you are with us. Our group policy has been specifically designed for Xplore activities and programmes.


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