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Inside: International Student High School Placement

Operating in the UK and USA, our MyChoice High School placement programme allows students from all over the world the opportunity to decide their future education in another country.

Here is an insight into one student’s experience of their time in the UK.

“Before I came to the UK I was nervous about what my host family would be like and host sister. I also worried about not making friends. However, my host family bought things for my bedroom to make it feel homely and they are very kind to me. When I return to Norway, I will miss my host mum, she is like a mum to me now. I have a big bedroom with a double bed and a television.  Every other week on a Wednesday I cook for my host family.  I miss some of the Norwegian food too but my family has been sending me food parcels! In Norway we eat a lot more meat and potatoes! I do miss my Norwegian friends but I Skype them every week when I can fit it in with homework.

I live in Norway, in a forest but near a big city with my dad, step mum and step brother. It is an option in Norway to study abroad and is quite normal, not everyone does it though. I wanted to try something new and experience other things. My parents were excited for me; I am the first person in my family to study abroad. My dad was very supportive about me doing it.

On the first day of my high school placement at my new school, the teachers were very friendly and kind and then along with some other international students we slowly made friends with our classmates. The teachers lecture in Norway, they don’t teach the same way as English teachers do. Here the teachers want you to be more involved and active in your learning whereas at home they will just talk. It is more innovative here. You also do more subjects in Norway rather than just 3 or 4 A-levels and there are a lot more essays here but more tests in Norway.

I am used to being near a big city with excellent transport and good shops so it is different for me to be out in the countryside with few buses and I would like to see more of England while I am here.  I am surprised that I could adjust to the language and accents so quickly.

I would think about going to university in the UK or USA if money would allow, but university is free in Norway and I have already been away for this year.

I would encourage anyone to come to England to study, it improves your English and you learn about the culture of England not just seeing it as a tourist. Everyone has something positive come out of studying abroad, you also gain independence and it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. It also makes you appreciate what you like about your own country and makes you understand your own country more.”

Through our LOtC accreditation, we also are awarded the Adventuremark Quality badge for demonstrating continued high levels of risk management.

Accredited the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge for UK activity provision through the AAIAC.

We are partnered with Endsleigh Insurance to provide our customers with invaluable cover whilst you are with us. Our group policy has been specifically designed for Xplore activities and programmes.


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